Friday, 29 January 2016

P.E. Professional Update

Thank you very much to P.E. Specialists Beth Walker and Cynthia Berry who presented an excellent session for staff on Friday 22nd January, providing everyone with an update on current developments and approaches in P.E. and great ideas for games.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Invasion Games at the Meadows

'We've been loving our time in the Meadows' 

Pupils have been developing their ability to work together during our Invasion Games block.  Instead of the traditional approach of doing one invasion sport at a time we have been playing, Hockey, Football and Rugby (basketball indoors when the weather is poor),  using the  'Teaching Games for Understanding' methodology to transfer and apply our skills across different invasion games.  Pupils are encouraged to modify the game where appropriate in order to provide challenge for some and encouragement for others.  Pupils have had choice within the block, developed their confidence, understanding and thinking skills during Invasion Games.  We now look forward to developing these skills further during our Sport Education Block later in the school year.

Cynthia Berry, P.E. Specialist